Angela Grier



Committees:  Legal, Health, Employment, Human Services, Settlement Agreement


I have been appointed by my council to be the Legal Committee Chair, I also chair health and employment, and sit as a member of the Human Services Portfolio on behalf of Council. I am also one of two members of council appointed to the Settlement Agreement Committee that largely oversees the FEIA and issues related to the SA.


Initiatives during Term

My work on council has largely been in developing relevant capacity in the aforementioned areas, and increasing the participation of Piikani on fundamental legal and trust issues, as well as maintaining the protection of our Treaty Rights. I have been entrusted with much responsibility and have worked diligently and consciously to adhere to those responsibilities to the best of my abilities. It has been an honour to serve my Nation and I will continue to represent Piikani to the best of my abilities throughout my professional career. I thank those who have supported and believed in me, and who have taught me through the challenges that we face together. I continue to state my allegiance to the Indigenous Nationhood Movement and to the decolonization efforts of our Indigenous people who stand together to do so in solidarity

Angela was raised in the Northern Piikani (Ahphotsi Piikani) tribe of the Blackfoot Confederacy and comes from the Padded Saddle Clan whose spiritual name is Piookso Panski (Comes Singing). She is a mother of four who resides in the Piikani Nation and currently is finishing a four-year term of leadership for her nation’s council. She has been appointed by the GOA to sit as a member of the First Nations Women’s Economic Security Council and received my Master's In Education in October 2014 specializing in Counselling Psychology.


“My professional and educational career has afforded me a path of understanding and respect of traditional knowledge systems of Indigenous cultures, as well as my work in and out of Indigenous communities.  Through this process I have found means of working within this structure to not only assist in the transmission of such knowledge generationally, but also in application in the realms of my work and life. My experience in planning, programming, intervention and application has moulded into a rich experience in blending the holistic and contemporary tools that aid in the decolonization processes that North American Indigenous peoples face today. This experience has included facets from leadership, community social programming, counselling, investment/ financial, education and spirituality. My analytical interests of all cultures have allowed me to critically handle negotiation, organization and reconciliation processes in the diversity of contemporary issues. My strengths include my ability to publically articulate issues of dissonance, diversity and diplomacy in an authentic approach for the inclusion of all involved.”