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Friendship & Esteem

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  • Transparency- Federal court held at Piikani Community Hall. 

  • Membership  had opportunity to express freedom of speech regarding the Settlement Agreement 2002, Mandate and Proposal. 

  • Formal structured government system.

  • Revised Rules and Responsibilities for leadership, management and staff to meet the needs of members.

  • Creating positive working relationships with stakeholders such as banking investments. 

  • Signing of Economic MOU.

  • Changing legislation in Child and Family from apprehension to prevention for the protection of our children.

  • Uniting and establishing the Blackfoot Confederacy: Declaration of 2014 in Browning, Montana. 

  • Meet and Greet with Siksika historical first ever meeting: Building bridges in economics.

  • Education Act Bill C 33 T7 Portfolio: Withheld decision from Dec 2013 until present, working to have input of T7 Chiefs.

  • Realizable projects are now on their way to consummation and fruition; weather dancer will be up and running at the end of the calendar year

  • PRDL's next step is to arrange financing of approximately $10 million to purchase 51% of the equity portion of the transmission assets, at rathes taht allow for the Piikani Nation to make a profit, a term that gives the best return and a structure that is safe, simple and easy to administer.

  • PRDL Solar panel project- partnership with school and PRDL introduce solar panels to reduce energy costs for the two commercial buildings, then introduce to all public facilities and finally introduce to all residences on reserve.

  • In the hopes of pursuing entrepreneurial component by training nation members to install solar panels into homes.

  • Ministerial Loan Guarantee Repayment, reduction of Housing debt by $8.4 million over 3yrs by pay out all CIBC housing loans.  Allowed Nation to carry only monies in loan debt.

  • Development of Housing Policy to ensure fairness in Housing programs to all nation membership

  • Development of 5 yr Housing Plan.

  • Development of programming towards increased access for nation members.

  • Working towards increased financial responsibility and transparency between Finance and Administration Departments and membership.

  • Waterton Lakes/Piikani MOU

    -Negotiating with Wateron Lakes and other National Parks to secure lifetime passes for all registered Piikani Members. Piikani will establish a process for maintaining the development under the MOU and to administer the distribution of the passes. 

Chief & Council 2011 - 2014

Piikani Nation Council 

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